T-Lynn Productions

Capturing Your Best

CEO/ T. Lynn Productions

Hello everyone,

My name is Tami Yarbrough and I am the Chief Executive Officer of T. Lynn Productions. I had a vision as a child of one day owning and operating my own production company and by the grace of God he has granted me that opportunity.

I am the go to lady for video production and also one of many producers for the Comcast Access Channel in the Chicago West Suburban, IL area. I capture video like time captures life, and I display it in a way that only a videographer would. 

Nature has always fascinated me as well as beautiful and exciting people, and as a kid I would dream all the time that I was a famous photographer. I wanted to take pictures of mostly birds and nature, but I also wanted to meet beautiful and fascinating people. I saw myself traveling all over the world to do so. Boy did I have a wild and vivid imagination while growing up.

Unbeknownst to those who know me, I also wanted to be a professional dancer. At the tender age of ten years old, I was very head strong and so I decided to enroll myself into a dance school without my parent's permission. I attended dance classes for weeks before my mom found out. I really loved to dance and had a very strong desire to dance professionally, even up until this day.  My parents decided to move to Maywood, IL and my dreams of being a dancer went out the door. I could not find any dance schools available in my area and this caused me to act out in a negative way. The fact that I could not dance anymore pretty much crushed my creative spirit because it was my outlet for creativity and I really loved to dance. I eventually bounced back though, because I was always determined to be somebody and someone who was outstanding in whatever I did.

The opportunity came for me to produce my own television show so I jumped at this chance of a lifetime. This was one of my dreams come true of many to become a photographer and videographer. I jumped right in at this opportunity and learned all I could about the production business.

I was invited on the movie set with the phenomenal Producer and Director Robert Townsend, and actress Victoria Rowell from the Young and Restless along with other famous actors during the filming of Robert Townsend's", movie "Of Boys and Men". I cannot tell you how exciting that was for me. It felt like I was meant to be there.

Keep your eye out for this beautiful and talented producer because I'm going to be a household name in the movie industry one day. Check out some of my work on my show Community Essentials, airing every Saturday night on Comcast channel 19 at 9:00pm. See you on the big screen.